On Pope Francis and other scandals

UPDATE 14 September 2018:

Just back from a long trip around the world! I did not update this post, originally written in June 2018, and now it seems there are even worse scandals that the one I talked about below. I won’t mention them here because as soon as I do, another worse scandal comes along.

But my advice still applies: pray, fast, go to Confession and Communion, and don’t let the bishops, cardinals and PF get away with lying and cheating.

I am on a long holiday in Europe visiting Greek islands and Italy so my mind has not been on the latest scandals involving high-ranking prelates and the latest doozies from Pope Francis. Rather, I am enjoying the beautiful planet that God has given us. So how to deal with the latest Church scandals?

I am a simple Catholic woman. I don’t have a degree in theology or divinity. I studied Chemistry and the law.  A miracle brought me back to the Church. I have the Rosary, which I say everyday, sometimes 2 sets of mysteries, sometimes all three, but I say one set everyday. I have done this since my return to the Church.

Everyday, I speak to Our Lord, more than once, often multiple times a day, when I’m chopping vegetables, hiking, swimming, cooking, grocery shopping, whatever. I ask Our Lord to join me in my activities and I talk to Him. Why not? I like talking to Our Lord. I tell Him my joys and my problems. I ask Him all kinds of questions, like if He had a pet or what was His favourite dish that Our Lady cooked for Him. He probably laughs at me a lot.

I pray at least one part of the Divine Office, usually Completorium before I go to bed. I read spiritual books, go to Mass, preferably the traditional Latin Mass if available where I am, go to Confession and receive Communion. I read old books, pre-1960, and I love Pope Pius X’s Catechism. I read the daily Mass readings and try to reflect upon them.

I ask myself everyday if I have been doing my job as a servant of Our Lord, working in His vineyard, watering the vines, putting fertilizer, taking out weeds, removing pests, picking the grapes, and turning them into good wine.  Nothing else on earth matters except doing my job as the servant of the Lord. I ask Him to give me help in doing this job because I can’t do it on my own.

I don’t have much time to spend obsessing about the scandals in the Church and the latest airplane theology from Francis. I know what the Catholic Church has taught over the ages. I know that priests aren’t perfect humans. I do not condone the misdeeds of bishops, archbishops and cardinals, and least of all, the Pope. But I know all these guys are going to die and Our Lord will come and the only important thing is: will I be ready? Will my lamp have oil? Can I say to Our Lord, yes, I did all the tasks that You gave to this poor broken sinner who crawls up to the confessional to beg for mercy? Or will I be hiding in shame when the Master comes?

Dear Catholic friends, please spend your time reading Catholic classics, praying, especially for our clergy, asking Our Lady for assistance, talking to Our Lord, begging the saints, especially Saints Peter and Paul, for help.


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