Churches of Sudtirol, Italy

I am impressed by the beautiful, well-maintained churches in Sudtirol (Alto Adige), Italy. These are but a few of the churches I visited on my hiking trip in the Dolomites region.

(1) Heiligkreuz Wallfahrtskirche in Abtei (Santa Croce in Badia)

This pilgrimage church (built in 1484) and the adjacent rifugio lie 2045 meters above sea level. Pilgrims walk up 700 meters from the town of Badia (Abtei) along a very steep path aptly called Via Crucis, usually during Lent. I walked up to Heiligkreuz Wallfahrtskirche on a hot, sunny day, saying all 15 decades of the Rosary as I struggled up and up with one slightly swollen knee. If you don’t want to do this type of mortification, you can simply take the cable car up to the church. The rifugio restaurant serves excellent pasta and canederli in brodo.

(2) Nostra Signora del Buon Consiglio in Pieve di Marebbe (Enneberg)

The first photo is the village of Pieve di Marebbe (Enneberg) with the steeple of the church of Nostra Signora del Buon Consiglio clearly seen from a distance.

The church was built in 1347, but the interiors date to the Baroque period. If you avert your eyes from the hideous “Cranmer table” in the foreground, you will see behind it the stunning high altar, carved in wood. One day, when the priests of this church get around to celebrating the Mass ad orientem, they can smash this ugly table to pieces and spend most of their time gazing up at the splendid Baroque altar.

(3) Church of Santa Barbara in San Genesio near Badia

This is another richly decorated church, close to Badia (Abtei). Can you believe how beautifully preserved and cared for this church is? The Italian laws protecting historic monuments such as this church, have prevented the Novus Ordo sect from destroying the rich heritage of Catholic tradition in art inside these churches. I did not see a single “wreckovation” in the churches I visited on this trip!

(4) Cathedral Cloister in Bressanone, Italy

This is one of the many 15th century ceiling frescoes inside the cloisters of the Cathedral of Bressanone in Sudtirol.

– –

Catholic tradition lives on in many of the villages in Sudtirol. Once I saw and heard villagers saying the Rosary in the garden of a house of a resident who had recently died. They could not all fit inside so some were outside praying along with the others inside.


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