Even Our Lady was not spared from sorrow (Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

On September 15 we commemorate the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Why is observing this feast day of great relevance today? Because the response to the scandals in the Vatican is not to whine that God failed to give us a perfect church with perfect priests. The response is to fight to hold wicked priests, bishops and cardinals accountable, and to pray even more (especially the Rosary), to do penance and go to Communion, to fast, and to attend Mass more often. These acts require the nerves of steel, perseverance and faith that the Blessed Virgin Mary exhibited in her seven sorrows.

God doesn’t owe us anything, least of all, a life of pleasure and eternal bliss; we owe Him everything. It could happen that next year, every single church in your city or state may close, leaving you with nowhere to go for Mass. Have you thought about that, as you make one more excuse not to go to Mass this Sunday? And what will you do if there is no priest within 500 kilometres who will hear your confession?

Beyond the scandals in the Church, there is pain and suffering in life. Some of it is caused by your own sins, others are part of the business of living a human life. Many people believe they are entitled to an endless parade of happy experiences, but they cling to precisely the things that make them miserable. The vast majority believe that the pursuit of happiness is a goal, not the by-product of a virtuous life. What is happiness anyway? Secular society tells us it’s all material: wealth, power, beauty and youth. But we know it’s not purely material.

Our Lady suffered the worst things a mother could imagine, but in the end she triumphed over her sorrows. Whenever you feel as if the world is coming down on your head, pray to Our Lady of Seven Sorrows.



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