Must read of the day: the end of the Vatican II sect

RIP, Vatican II Catholicism (1962-2018) by Peter Kwasniewski (author of Noble Beauty, Transcendent Holiness: Why the Modern Age Needs the Mass of Ages) lays out succinctly why the Vatican II sect is NOT the Catholic Church of the ages. Here is an excerpt:

Today, in 2018, we are reaping the putrid fruits of this loss of faith, this lack of self-control, this stripping away of all asceticism and warfare from the Christian vision of life, this foolish optimism that rippled through the Church of the 1960s and begot the demon offspring of “Nietzschean Catholicism.” It has been a continual compromise with the reigning forces of liberalism, a chipping away at the demands of the Gospel, a suppression of hard truths and the love of God for His own sake and above all things. The end is nothing-worship—the nihilism concentrated in the unforgettable image of a priest, later a cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, abusing a boy who happened to be the first person he baptized two weeks after his ordination.

Finally, Mr. Kwasniewski acknowledges what to me (and other people) is obvious:

For a long time, I thought John Paul II and Benedict XVI were fighting the good fight against this revolutionary reinterpretation of Christianity, but after a few high-profile interreligious meetings, osculations of the Koran, book-length interviews with dialectical answers to every question, and other such indicators, I lost my enthusiasm for them as pastors, whatever I might have admired in their philosophical or theological writings (which, however you slice it, are not the primary job of a pope).

Not only that, Mr. Kwasniewski provides a nifty list of men who were made bishop and cardinal by “saint” JPII, soon-to-be-saint Paul VI, and by Ratzinger and Bergoglio. It’s a rogues’ gallery, if you ask me. By the fruits of the tree, you will know that the seed is rotten, as is the tree.

Prelate Created Bishop By Created Cardinal By
Theodore McCarrick Paul VI John Paul II
Angelo Sodano Paul VI John Paul II
Tarcisio Bertone John Paul II John Paul II
Pietro Parolin Benedict XVI Francis
William Levada John Paul II Benedict XVI
Marc Ouellet John Paul II John Paul II
Lorenzo Baldisseri John Paul II Francis
Ilson de Jesus Montanari Francis
Leonardo Sandri John Paul II Benedict XVI
Fernando Filoni John Paul II Benedict XVI
Dominique Mamberti John Paul II Francis
Francesco Coccopalmerio John Paul II Benedict XVI
Giovanni Lajolo John Paul II Benedict XVI
Vincenzo Paglia John Paul II
Edwin O’Brien John Paul II Benedict XVI
Renato Raffaele Martino John Paul II John Paul II
Donald Wuerl John Paul II Benedict XVI
Paul Bootkoski John Paul II
John Myers John Paul II
Kevin Farrell John Paul II Francis
Seán O’Malley John Paul II Benedict XVI
Oscar Rodríguez Maradiaga John Paul II John Paul II
Blase Cupich John Paul II Francis
Joseph Tobin Benedict XVI Francis
Robert McElroy Benedict XVI
Edgar Peña Parra Benedict XVI
John Nienstedt John Paul II
Jorge Bergoglio John Paul II John Paul II

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