New Roman Missal by F.X. Lasance: a detailed review

This is a review of The New Roman Missal in Latin and English by Rev. Francis Xavier Lasance and Rev. Francis Augustine Walsh, O.S.B. (with an illustrated study plan “Read Mass with the Priest” by the Very Rev. Msgr. William R. Kelly, Ph.D.) reprinted by the Christian Book Club of America. Imprimatur: Francis J. Spellman, D.D. – 1945. Softcover; 1800 pages with gold coloured page edges. Original 1945 reprint without revisions; additions were made according to Papal decrees dating from 1945 to the end of Pope Pius XII’s reign.

I bought The New Roman Missal by Father Lasance because I was looking for a pre-Vatican II missal with Latin and English side-by-side. I purchased this book from Daughters of Mary press for US$65. It arrived in excellent condition.

The New Roman Missal contains the Tridentine Mass with complete Latin and English  text for the Ordinary and Propers of the Mass plus:

  • Liturgical calendar
  • General devotions (a vast number of traditional prayers)
  • Notes on the Ecclesiastical Year and the Sacred Liturgy
  • Accounts of feasts and lives of the saints


  • Douay-Rheims versions of the Epistles and Gospels
  • Many prayers for every occasion and purpose (I often say the Morning prayers and prayers after Communion from the Missal)
  • Very clear pictures of the priest’s movements during the Mass
  • Explanations of the requisites and prayers of holy mass, furniture and articles on the altar and in the sanctuary; sacred vestments
  • Accounts of the lives of the saints
  • Untouched by the “spirit of Vatican II” and Bugnini


  • Because the missal fits in the palm of your hand, the publisher had to make the text very small, so it is difficult to read in low lighting. If your eyes are not good, either get reading glasses or don’t buy this missal.
  • Pages are very thin (to reduce the weight of the missal) so they can tear easily and you need to be careful when moving the coloured ribbons.

Here are photos to give you an idea of what it looks like:








Here is the PDF version of The New Roman Missal (handy for when you are traveling only with carry-on bags to a place without a Catholic mass).

Other Father Lasance books that I have read:

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