Time to de-canonize JPII?

I read with glee an article in the Tablet UK entitled “Cardinal condemns de-canonisation of St. John Paul II.” At last, what has been whispered about for years in certain Catholic circles (notably, those who are persuaded by the sedevacantist position), has burst out into the open. There must be more than whispers now if a cardinal has gone public on this touchy subject.

The man who pleads for the retention of JPII in the communion of saints is Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz.  He has a personal stake in the matter, having been JPII’s personal secretary for 39 years.


Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz of Poland has condemned attempts to damage the status of his former superior, St John Paul II, and rejected calls for his “de-canonisation” for ignoring sex abuse in the Catholic Church.

“John Paul II was a man of the Second Vatican Council, which shaped his thinking about the Church and contemporary world”, said Cardinal Dziwisz, who was the Polish pontiff’s personal secretary for 39 years. “Efforts are being made to undermine his authority and even question his sainthood – and the situation the Church now finds itself in is encouraging this, among people whose consciences are troubled by John Paul II and who seek to weaken the Church’s position.

(I highlighted the most important text in bold).

There is compelling evidence that JPII did ignore clergy sex abuse and furthered much of the scandalous, irreverent liturgical practices in the church today.

Read the allegations made by James Greiner who claims that he told JPII about former cardinal McCarrick’s abuse.

“The rot reaches all the way to the top. That was the message James Grein delivered about the Catholic Church Wednesday outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral when he detailed the lawsuits he’s filing against the church and ex-priest Theodore McCarrick, who was defrocked earlier this year. Grein claims that not only did McCarrick sexually abuse him for years, but that he reported the abuse to Pope John Paul II during a dramatic Vatican confession. The pope, he said, did nothing. “He blessed me. He put his hands on my head. He dismissed me,” Grein told reporters outside the cathedral in midtown.”

Remember too that under JPII, Catholics left the church en masse. But all Cardinal D. cares about is the “status” of his dead boss. Who cares about the massive decline in church attendance or the catastrophic collapse of vocations under JPII’s papacy?

If the Catholic Church were a corporation and JPII its CEO, he would have been fired by the board of directors before he had a chance to die in office.

But Cardinal Dziwisz tells us to keep venerating JPII as a saint because he was a man of the Second Vatican Council. That is exactly one of the most compelling reasons why he should be decanonized.

Vatican II is the most poisonous tree planted in the garden of Catholicism, and it has brought forth poisonous fruits, all of which have become ripe today.

Check out this prayer of JPII in Jordan where he says: “May Saint John Baptist protect Islam . . . “ at the end of the document. Saint John the Baptist lost his head because he refused to acknowledge the adulterous marriage of Herod. You expect him to bless a false religion? Another piece of evidence that JPII was not fit to succeed Saint Peter.

While we’re at it, let’s look into the decanonization of Paul VI, who presided over the Second Vatican Council and approved all of its documents. He also introduced the irreverent Novus Ordo mass.

Both JPII and Paul VI were canonized by none other than Pope Francis, who has been accused of heresy by theologians and clergy.

Whenever I recite the Apostles Creed and mention the communion of saints, and when I think about the lives of the saints, their sacrifices and their unshakeable faith, I simply can’t bring myself to put JPII and Paul VI in their company. These two men are responsible for much of the destruction of the faith and morals in the Catholic Church.

26 thoughts on “Time to de-canonize JPII?

    • You’re right. I changed the font to make it black. The problem with this WordPress theme is that the default font is gray. I should have done this earlier. I have really bad eyes so I sympathise.


  1. Vatican II is the most poisonous tree planted in the garden of Catholicism, and it has brought forth poisonous fruits,

    Pls! no! The “Garden of Catholicism” its FREE from any HERETIC herb!
    Because of the FOLLOWING DOGMA:

    A) The Church is IMMUTABLE (The Church can not change itself or her teachings)
    B) The Church is INFALLIBLE (The Teachings of the Church CAN NOT contain error or heresy)
    C) The Church is UNFAILING (Can not DEFECT from the Real Faith)

    So, your affirmation that the church “gives poisonous fruits” AS COMING FROM ITSELF its, at least, HERETICAL and CONTRARY to the DEFINED DOGMA/TRUTHS about the Church Itself.

    Its an INSULT to the Church.

    The *”CONCILIAR CHURCH”* (The one that was put in existence AFTER the CV2 with most of the “catholic bishpos” and most of the “catholic population”), on the other hand, as a FRUIT or RESULT of an HERETIC MINDSET/TEACHING gives to their “population”, those “poisonous fruits”

    So, pls, does not confuse the Catholic Church (the Immutable on the Truth one) with the VATICAN-2 SECT. are not the same thing, are not the same Doctrine

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      • totally agree…. but, MANY people, out there, thinks of that “gigantic sect” as the actual-real-true catholic church

        They live in a fantastic world where…
        – they exist “square circles”
        – The church CAN TEACH heresy
        – Exist a such thing as a “heretic pope”
        – dry water!
        – an “infallible church” lead and teached by “heretic pope”

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  2. Finally, the whispers become words:+) JPII was a disaster area. If he is a saint on the formal rolls of the Church, then I am a unicorn. Not that I don’t want him in heaven, but on the official rolls? No.

    JPII promoted the modernist train wreck that was Vatican II. Promoted the errors of false ecumenism, so called “religious freedom” and collegiality. Basically the modernist version of the French Revolution’s “liberty, equality and fraternity.” Demonic.

    Then there was his absolute refusal to discipline or correct the out of control clergy and abuses that went wild after VII. He was the only human being in the WORLD who had the authority to stop the madness, and he did NOTHING. The only time he laid down the hammer was to the Liberation Theology promoters and of course those who held the true faith: Traditionalists.

    Between sitting back and doing NOTHING as the faith collapsed on four continents, promoting the errors of V2, persecuting true Catholics (Trads) and jet setting around the globe and being more of a game show/entertainment man rather than Pope…no…he is no saint. And enough with the “well, he was pious in his personal life” junk. The FIRST level of holiness is your state in life. PJII’s state in life was a religious and Pope…and he failed at being Pope UTTERLY. He did not pass down the faith, he did not defend it, he refused to correct, remove or discipline errant/evil clergy and sat silent while our children were being raped and generations of Catholics were being deprived of the truth.

    It’s time to remove that moniker “saint” from JPII and hand it over to the true saint of our day: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

    God bless~

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    • Even more:
      its time to recognize that he (wojtyla) NEVER was “a pope”
      Why? because he was a MODERNIST (heretic) BEFORE he was “ascended” to bishop and to “pope”

      An heretic CAN NOT HOLD the “range” of the Papacy… like a previously married man can not hold a “new marriage” even if it is done (on the church, with a valid minister and you personally was there… its null and void… like a “mass consecration” made with cognac instead of wine… there were “nothing” because on the DEFECT ON THE MATTER…


    • Marcel Lefebvre? A brave pastor, born on the feast of Saturnin of Toulouse (November 29, personally I like this date and this patron), died on the Holy Monday AD1991. Probably a saint, but there is no congregation for canonizations in Vatican – there is only a committee to award a sort of Oscars.


  3. Well, I came over here from Barnhardt who linked to you. I have the proof that not only does NOT Pope John Paul II not belong with the saints, neither does Paul VI. They were both NWO. Pope Pius XII onwards were all Masonic pushing the Masonic agenda. Here is the paper that describes their heresy and apostasy: The Tower of Babel, The Philosophy of Race and the Genocidal Ideology of Social Justice/Political Correctness https://www.academia.edu/14904951/ In there is the proof and they why and what is going on. It is written from a Trad Cath perspective in the true tradition of Christendom. Yes, Pope John Paul is not a saint but an apostate because they all adopted, along with Vatican II, the dictates of another religion. Please don’t judge the title—-until you have read it through—Philosophy is the use of the Natural Law that runs the Natural Order. That was once the duty and position of the real, old traditional Catholic Church. I am an upholder of the Old Order.


    • When you meet a Talmudist, you also deal with an upholder of an Old Order. They defend this old order for almost 2000 years, despite the fact that Almighty God destroyed their beloved temple in the end of August, 70 AD, i.e. 1948 years ago. Have not you noticed that Rome has lost the jewel of the Catholic faith and becomes a rubble?


  4. The discussion about JP2 decononization is pointless. B16, the last Roman pontiff, admitting the bifurcation of the St. Peter’ Office, dissolved this office. Irrevocably! Any acts of the “Holy See” after 28 February 2013 (8 p.m. CET) have no value, so canonization JP2 also.
    (1) The most important achievements of JP2 are: June 2, 1979 (Victory Square, Warsaw, Poland), a plea to God ‘Let Your Spirit descend and renew the face of the earth! This earth!’
    (2) Vatican, October 16, 2002, apostolic letter ‘Rosarium Virginis Mariae’, through which he introduced the ‘Mysteries of Light’ and proclaimed the ‘Year of the Holy Rosary’ (2002 – 2003). JP2 did not need to know that both of these acts concern the Paraclete, but he made them. Human thoughts are not God’s thoughts, so be careful with issuing such categorical judgments as decanonization of JP2.


      • there is not a such thing like “traditional rosary”.
        Exists “A” Rosary given by the Heaven itself.. And his name is: the HOLY Rosary, not the “traditional” AND THE “non-traditional” ‘rosary’…. the “other thing” its NOT “THE” Rosary…

        just like there is not a thing called “lutheran mass” or “anglican mass”… only exist THE Mass and the bastard “rites” inventions from the damm


      • The Rosary, 200 cubits long

        ‘But the other disciples came in the ship, (for they were not far from the land, but as it were two hundred cubits,) dragging the net with fishes. As soon then as they came to land, they saw hot coals lying, and a fish laid thereon, and bread. Jesus saith to them: Bring hither of the fishes which you have now caught.
        Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land, full of great fishes, one hundred and fifty-three. And although there were so many, the net was not broken’.

        This paragraph from the last chapter of the Gospel of Saint John [J 21, 8-11] contains the mystery of the Holy Rosary. This was the last catch of fishermen-apostles and this also applies to the situation of the Church before the day without sunset. Boat is, of course, the nave of the Church, after an overnight fishing trip is now empty. Now, I mean 2000 years of successful fishing. Jesus, however, for the last time fills the net up with 153 fish. Because of this mass fishermen are no longer able to pull the net into the boat-Church, so this net with thick fish follows the boat. Only 200 elbows were missing to reach the shore.
        Note that the fish in the net are tied together with a string, just like the rosary beads – both are a sort of the net to catch fish or souls. If you recite the Rosary in the usual form, you grab the ‘Ave Maria’ beads 150 times (+3), but to reach the shore with the final catch, it had to be caught 200 times (+3) and therefore, for the God’s grace, Pope John Paul II extended the Rosary with 50 more ‘Ave Maria’. The elbow as a unit of measurement also includes the hand you grip the rosary beads. To draw this final catch, our Mother the Holy Church asks you to apply your hand to this work at a distance of 200 cubits. Could you refuse the Queen of the Holy Rosary to do Her this little favor?! If you put yourself to this work and you find yourself on this shore, where the Lord awaits you with Fish, Bread and Fire. You will taste this Fish, which in the same lake, probably at dawn, caught our divine Master Jesus Christ and that Bread that was with Him. But Bread and Fish are one with Fire! Yes, because this is the Fire that Jesus Christ wanted to throw on the earth. And what he said he did – this Fire is already burning: the Apocalyptic Woman and Her son-man, the Paraclete. As a mystical marriage, they are one and that is why there is one Fire on the shore, which marks the boundary of the God’s Kingdom on earth. In the embrace of this mystic Couple, there will be those “153” handsome Pisces who could not fit into an deserted militant Church. This Nave abandoned by fishermen on the shore turns into a wreck before our eyes, but when you sit by the fire with Jesus, the Paraclete, the Virgin Mother, your brothers and sisters, will you look back and regret your old boat?


        • So… are you (in a implicit way) saying that ALL THOSE MEN before this “completion job” did not make the “correct way” of the praying? all those men were making a “uncomplete” rosary ??? 2000 years of a “slighltly mistaken” rosary ???

          really ???


        • What you have written is very insulting to the Mother of God. JPII kissed the Koran, installed a statue of Buddha in the Assisi cathedral for veneration, promoted men whom he was warned about as sexual abusers, suppressed the Tridentine Mass, then, decided that he was going to innovate the Rosary, whose 150 Ave Marias are meant to equal the 150 Psalms, and has been so for hundreds of years.

          Read St. Louis de Montfort’s book about the Rosary. Now that’s a real saint – Louis de Montfort. Not the fake one which the cult of Novus Ordo has installed in its pantry, together with another fake saint, Paul VI. Filling the pantry with saints, aren’t they, because when you start a new church/cult, you need new saints.

          I may not live to see Vatican II dumped into an incinerator but I pray for it every single day.

          A telling sign: these Novus Ordo popes, cardinals, bishops and priests never cite any pope before John XXIII, if they even cite him at all. Never mention encyclicals by Leo XIII or Saint Pope Pius X. Why? Because Vatican II (ecumenism, etc.) and the Novus Ordo “mess” have already been condemned as heresy, especially by Pius X. Read the Syllabus of Errors.


      • Familiarize yourself with Saint George Franco Preca, the creator of the five Mysteries of Light (AD1957). I met him when writing ‘The Ricasoli beacon’ – a comment for the blog ‘eponymousflower’. Saint Gorg Preca, what a beautiful figure and even more beautiful Saint Venus – I recommend.


  5. Because the memory of Saint Peter Celestine fell on Sunday in 2019, so we have the Year of the ‘Heavenly Rock’. Below I explain what connects two popes: Celestine V and Benedict XVI and … the Paraclete.

    Celestine V – Benedict XVI

    In the Saint Malachi’s prophecy, we find the mistical nickname of Celestine V (Pietro da Morrone):
    Ex eremo celsus = The ‘Sublime (Exalted) from the Desert’
    Hermit, but not a misanthrope. He lived a harsh life like the second John the Baptist. More heavenly than earthly. And yet a practical man, the creator of the new branch of the Benedictines, originally called brothers of the Holy Spirit. On the way to the Second Council of Lyon (convened on May 7, 1274), Abbot Peter of Morrone had the vision of the Holy Virgin in Collemaggio (L’Aquila), who asked him to build a temple in that place in Her honor. Peter’s Benedictines quickly fulfilled Her wish, because already on August 25, 1288, the monumental church in open fields was consecrated.
    At least from the council in Lyon, the hermit Peter was well known in the highest ecclesiastical circles, so when the conclave elected him on July 5, 1294, he was not made a joke for the pope. He took the name Celestine V, means ‘Heavenly’ V.
    Peter built the church in Collemaggio, where he himself later was crowned Pope on August 29, 1294, that is on the Passion of John the Baptist. To this circumstance, new pope set up an annual jubilee indulgence on August 28/29, beginning with the feast of Saint Augustin, the Great Convert.
    Celestine was nicer, however, spiritual life, heavenly than courtly, earthly: he abdicated on December 13, 1294, on Saint Lucy. In that era it was the winter solstice day. A hope for light! What light? Of which? From the Fire, about which the Lord Jesus spoke [Luke 12: 49]: ‘I have come to throw fire on the earth, and how I long for it to burn!’ Pope Celestine V following in the footsteps of John the Baptist, as the brother of the Holy Spirit, removed himself to make room for the Fire from Heaven, for the Paraclete – someone more heavenly than earthly, someone who is full of the Holy Spirit, though He is not the Holy Spirit.
    Pietro da Morrone died on May 19, 1296, on the 7th day of the octave of the Pentecost and the memory of Saint Pudentiana (= the ‘Shy’), the foundress of the oldest church in Rome.
    The spiritual desire of Peter Celestine, or the ‘Heavenly Rock’, came true only in the pontificate of the last successor of Saint Peter the Apostle, that is pope Benedict XVI. As a result of the earthquake, on 5/6 April 2009 (Palm Sunday / Monday of the Holy Week) the basilica at Collemaggio collapsed, including the Celestine’ V mausoleum, but his glass coffin did not suffer any damage. When pope Benedict XVI arrived on April 28, 2009 to L’Aquila and visited the basilica, he placed on Celestin’s sarcophagus his pallium, which he received on the inauguration of his own pontificate on April 24, 2005. It was a greek-type pallium with 5 crosses. From June 29, 2008, Benedict XVI began using the roman pallium with 6 crosses. Pallium is the attribute of a metropolitan archbishop that express his patriarchal right to administer the episcopal consecration. With this symbolic act (pallium’s dedication) Benedict XVI has made a spiritual abdication to the unknown Patriarch, whom describes the names of both Pontiffs participating in this scene: one from heaven, Saint Celestine V, the other one from the earth, Benedict XVI, or Celestine ‘5’ and Benedict ’16’, or simple Blessed Heavenly ‘1’5’6′. After the abdication, Celestine V was Peter again (he was the ‘Rock’ by birth!) and the liturgical calendar mentions him as Saint Peter Celestine. Therefore, we can consistently say about that unknown Patriarch: the ‘Blessed Heavenly Rock CLVI’. What does the number ‘1’5’6′ mean? If anyone has come to this place, let him ask!
    The ‘Blessed Heavenly Rock’ the Patriarch is the visible head of the Church on earth, vicar of Jesus Christ, coming out from the ruined Roman Catholic church (like the Collemaggio basilica due to the earthquake). This is the Stone rejected by the builders, that is, by church’ freemasonry. They build a different community, not God’s but Satan’s one, humanistic, temporal. Why do they need a Heavenly Stone? He is a hindrance to them, the stumbling block. And yet, the Church of Christ continues and will be reborn on the earth thanks to this ‘Blessed Heavenly Rock’, identical with the Paraclete.
    The confusion we see today in the Roman Catholic church is not a crisis but a breakthrough. The breakthrough of this rank, as the departure of Noah’s Ark, the exit of Israel from Egypt under Moses, the exit of the Christ Church from Judaism. What is this contemporary breakthrough about? Of the many called, the elect (chosen) ones [Matt. 22, 14] will be introduced by the Paraclete and the Apocalyptic Woman to the Kingdom of God here on earth! We experience the great tribulation right now [Matt. 24, 21]. The pressure will increase further to separate the wheat from the chaff, the elect from the many called.
    The Lord Jesus is the foundation [1Corinthians 3, 11] of the building which is the Church, in particular the militant one, and the Paraclete (is) the crowning of this Divine enterprise – the head of the corner [Matt. 21, 42]. The Paraclete, as the monarch and priest like Melchizedek, will be the visible Head of the Church on earth and will remain with us until the end of the world [John 14, 16]. Therefore, the last word of the paragraph about Peter the Roman, identical with the Paraclete, in the Saint Malachi’s prophecy reads: FINIS.


    • OMG… I read your post (tks for take the time to wrote it!)… BUT I could not grasp the CONCLUSIONS that you propose…
      Seems to me that you think in some way that all this mess is good? not a ‘bad thing’ but a feature?
      that some of the “people of the church” (wich ones?) are going to be “separated” from the chaff?

      It’s interesting that you base your idea on a mix that includes some things from Evangelical part, and other from a Prophecy of St Malachi

      But, I did not get it as a thesis that pretend to explain what?


      • Ecclesia means assembly, congregation in the religious aspect means people who have a mutual relationship with the true God.
        In the first ecclesia, Adam and Eve had direct contact with God. In the second ecclesia, since Abraham and Moses, contact with God is indirect through the priests of the chosen people making many sacrifices in one temple in Jerusalem. In the third ecclesia, instituted by Jesus Christ, one Sacrifice is offered by priests in hundreds of thousands of temples around the world. In the fourth ecclesia, i.e. God’s Kingdom, all are holy and in direct contact with God, just like Adam and Eve in the first congregation of saints. You can find more details in the Revelation of Saint John. The history of the salvation of mankind has gone so far! That’s why I am talking about a breakthrough and not a crisis in the church.
        The text below I have already posted on other blogs – it is helpful in understanding what is happening right now in our Roman Catholic church.

        “Benedict 16 & Jorge Bergoglio Duet”

        The confusion that can be seen in the Roman Catholic church is not a crisis but an epochal breakthrough.
        The last papal decision of Joseph Raztinger’s led to the transformation of the Saint Peter’s Office into a synodal two-headed hybrid. Actually he dissolved – by virtue of power given to him [Mat 16, 19] by Jesus Christ – the same office on Feb. 28, 2013 at 8 p.m. (CET), so no he may already be a Roman Pontiff neither himself nor anyone else. This decision is irrevocable.
        The dissolution of the papacy does not mean that the gates of hell have overcome the Church [Mat 16, 18]. The Church will be reborn with the power of God as it was when the Mosaic religion degenerated into the form of the synagogue of Satan and Jesus Christ appeared to breathe new life into the Church of God and raise it to a higher level thrugh the Holy Sacraments.
        By the act of Feb. 11, 2013, Benedict16 released the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. These Keys are the Apocalyptic Woman and the Paraclete; only now the Church will shine on the whole earth with full splendor.

        The end of the papacy in Rome is precisely described in the Prophecy of Saint Malachi (+ 1148), archbishop of Armagh:

        ‘Gloria Olivae’ – Benedict XVI; the glory/finial of the Roman Catholic church are two olive trees [Rev. 11, 4], which will blossom only now at the end of times – the Paraclete and the Woman of the Revelation.

        ‘In persecutione extrema S.R.E. Sedebit’ – ‘S.R.E [Sancta Romana Ecclesia] is in a period of extreme persecution’ – this is the phenomenon of Jorge Bergoglio, the destroyer of the Roman Catholic church (especially of the College of Cardinals, the very top of the Church hierarchy). Bergoglio, aside from the B16’s dissolution of the papacy, as an apostate, could not be the vicar of Jesus Christ, and therefore Saint Malachi does not name his name among the Pontifex but only characterizes the effects of his actions.

        ‘Petrus Romanus, qui pascet oves in multis tribulationibus: quibus transactis civitas septicollis diruetur & Iudex tremendus iudicabit populum suum. Finis’. (“Peter the Roman will feed his flock in the midst of many persecutions, and when it ceases, the city of seven hills will be torn down and a terrible judge will judge his people”.)
        Saint Peter the Apostle was not a Roman (citizen of Rome). Peter the Roman is a Son of the Roman Catholic church (means a Roman) and is identical to the terrible Judge, the same as the Paraclete.
        The papacy in Rome was abolished definitively and irrevocably. What now? The fulfillment of this request addressed to God the Father for nearly 2,000 years: ‘Come Thy Kingdom, thy will be done, as in heaven so also on earth.’ The Kingdom of God on earth, finally!


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