Time to de-canonize JPII

I read with glee an article in the Tablet UK entitled “Cardinal condemns de-canonisation of St. John Paul II.” At last, what has been whispered about for years in certain Catholic circles (notably, those who are persuaded by the sedevacantist position), has burst out into the open. There must be more than whispers now if a cardinal has gone public on this touchy subject.

The man who pleads for the retention of JPII in the communion of saints is Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz.  He has a personal stake in the matter, having been JPII’s personal secretary for 39 years.


Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz of Poland has condemned attempts to damage the status of his former superior, St John Paul II, and rejected calls for his “de-canonisation” for ignoring sex abuse in the Catholic Church.

“John Paul II was a man of the Second Vatican Council, which shaped his thinking about the Church and contemporary world”, said Cardinal Dziwisz, who was the Polish pontiff’s personal secretary for 39 years. “Efforts are being made to undermine his authority and even question his sainthood – and the situation the Church now finds itself in is encouraging this, among people whose consciences are troubled by John Paul II and who seek to weaken the Church’s position.

(I highlighted the most important text in bold).

There is compelling evidence that JPII did ignore clergy sex abuse and furthered much of the scandalous, irreverent liturgical practices in the church today. Not only that, under JPII, Catholics left the church en masse. But all Cardinal D. cares about is the “status” of his dead boss. Who cares about the massive decline in church attendance or the catastrophic collapse of vocations under JPII’s papacy?

If the Catholic Church were a corporation and JPII its CEO, he would have been fired by the board of directors before he had a chance to die in office.

But Cardinal Dziwisz tells us to keep venerating JPII as a saint because he was a man of the Second Vatican Council. That is exactly one of the most compelling reasons why he should be decanonized.

Vatican II is the most poisonous tree planted in the garden of Catholicism, and it has brought forth poisonous fruits, all of which have become ripe today.

While we’re at it, let’s look into the decanonization of Paul VI, who presided over the Second Vatican Council and approved all of its documents. He also introduced the irreverent Novus Ordo mass.

Both JPII and Paul VI were canonized by none other than Pope Francis, who has been accused of heresy by theologians and clergy.

Whenever I recite the Apostles Creed and mention the communion of saints, and when I think about the lives of the saints, their sacrifices and their unshakeable faith, I simply can’t bring myself to put JPII and Paul VI in their company. These two men are responsible for much of the destruction of the faith and morals in the Catholic Church.


Time to use the off-switch on Ugly TV — The Conservative Woman

I cannot believe that people still watch TV. I have not had TV (and the plastic/metal box in which TV is delivered) since 2008. TV is a sewer. I don’t mean the plastic and metal box itself. You know what I mean when I say TV.  That is why I say “TV” and not “a TV”. When I stay in hotels, I don’t even turn on the box. I have no desire to watch TV. It’s stupid, depressing, annoying and disgusting.

Every time I am forced to see TV in operation (in airports, for example), I know for sure that people who watch TV are immersing themselves into the filthiest mind sewer that man ever devised. You are being brainwashed and tortured. Stop it now.

You say you’re bored. There is something very wrong with you if you relieve your boredom by watching TV.

You say that you feel out of place and out of touch when your friends discuss the latest piece of rubbish that they binge-watched the night before. You don’t need friends like that. They aren’t friends, but robots. Get new friends!

AS IS the case with anyone (everyone) who has better things to do, I’ve never watched the Jeremy Kyle Show. Tell a lie, I tuned in once for about thirty seconds (it seemed longer) out of curiosity and found whatever was happening with the poor devils on the sofa so repellent that I jumped channels…

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NOTRE DAME IS IN FLAMES. The spire has gone; the roof has collapsed. It appears no one has died—Deo gratias—which is a real mercy. The cause is as yet unknown but no doubt we shall no soon enough. The recent spate of attacks on churches in France hangs heavier in the air tonight . . .

Medieval cathedrals such as Notre Dame were designed in part to be visual, iconographic catechisms for a largely illiterate population. Most people could not read the Bible let alone have afforded a copy of it, but in the cathedral the great biblical narratives were unfolded before them, as too the teachings of Christ, the example of the saints, the virtues and vices, enticing visions of heaven and chilling visions of hell. In the cathedrals the great liturgies of the Church’s year were celebrated before rich and poor alike, and in them they beheld a living exposition of faith and salvation, and the presence of God in a fallen world, offering a living tableau that fed faith, hope, and charity.

But even more, in our day such cathedrals seem to be the last voices proclaiming an unsullied, uninhibited Christianity, thus far, free from the restrictions on Christian faith and preaching increasingly being visited upon the Church’s ministers and faithful by an increasingly aggressive secularism in western society, and elsewhere.


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